BEAM | 6'6"
DISPLACEMENT 920 lbs. (dry)
FUEL CAPACITY | 23 US gallons

15' X-TENDER GT150

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In an effort to provide our yacht clients with the very best all around yacht tenders, we decided to design and build our own yacht tenders that eliminate the bad points of current yacht tenders and while we're at it, add many great features that have never been included in vessels this size. The result is the ultimate yacht tender; the X-TENDER GT150.

Claiming that the X-TENDER GT150 yacht tender makes inflatable tenders obsolete is a bold statement. After reading this you will understand why it's true.

To counter the objections that inflatable tubes almost always leak, are prone to punctures and deflation from encounters with sharp objects like barnacles, shells, fishing gear, and the like.
Because full diameter tubes take up so much interior space, we developed and patented a soft, closed cell foam flotation/cushion collar that is in a "C" shape instead of a full circle "O" shape.
The "C" shaped collar provides buoyancy, more protective cushion effect and much more interior volume than a conventional inflated tube allows. The foam collar is easily repaired and has the highest UV ray resistance. With the same overall exterior beam as a comparable inflatable tender, the X-TENDER GT150 has enough interior beam to allow for a bench seat capable of seating three abreast behind two tilt adjustable consoles with walk through space between them for passage to the forward part of the boat. There you will find enough room for two forward facing lounge type seats utilizing the forward face of the consoles or "U" shaped seating for five for the times when you may want to carry a total of eight adults. The cushion collar and vinyl rub guard wrap around the perimeter of the boat and extend aft of the outboard motor even when it's tilted up, eliminating the need for fenders to protect either the tender or its mother ship.

For more luxurious cruising with fewer people, there is an armrest with built-in drink holders which separate the helm and companion seat. There is a heated seat option for comfortable cruising or fishing in chilly weather. The superbly upholstered seats sit on stainless steel and webbing frame to provide the ultimate in comfort and eliminate the pooling of water. Both the helm and companion consoles have windshields, stainless steel grab rails and can individually power tilt up and down, providing the ability to stand at the helm or to comfortably sit back in your seat with the wheel in your lap. The companion console has a footrest, grab rail and a lockable storage compartment that also houses the stereo. The forward -face of the consoles are upholstered to become adjustable seat backs for lounge type seats facing forward. There are large storage bins for dive tanks and other gear under the forward seats. There is an anchor locker under the forward boarding step.

The hull extends aft on each side of the outboard motor providing more planing surface and aft buoyancy, eliminating the need for a foil type fin attachment on the motor to help the boat plane quickly and at lower speeds. The rigid planing hull is also beamier than those found on inflatable boats. This eliminates the bouncy ride often found on RIB’s. The reserve buoyancy aft also allows the boat to sit and cruise level, even with two people in the console seating. In each of the aft hull extensions are insulated storage bins, with drains, suitable for beverages or iced fish. The area aft of the helm seats is completely sealed and foam filled which eliminates all inaccessible bilge areas. The non-corrosive fuel tank is under the helm seat and the area around it drains into the only bilge area on the boat. The bilge is 7" deep, 12" wide and runs from the front face of the helm seats to the bow and includes the anchor locker. There is a grated teak hatch with hinges for easy opening that allows water to drain to the bilge area. At the aft end and at the lowest point in the bilge, is the automatic bilge pump, which is separated from the forward bilge area by three filters made by putting ScotchBrite pads on edge in a special holder. This keeps all of the sand, seaweed, fish scales, leaves and other debris from clogging the pump. The bilge is a high gloss molded surface that is easily cleaned and accessible, providing a good storage space for a boat hooks or fishing poles.

The non-skid side deck rim around the boat has teak step treads for boarding, large pop up cleats and carbon fiber backing plates suitable for mounting down rigger pads for fishing or hauling in crab pots. Because the cushion collar doesn't extend as far beyond the interior of the boat as an inflated tube, it makes an excellent sport fishing and crabbing boat.

The bow of the X-TENDER GT150 yacht tender is squared off to allow easy boarding from a dock or swim platform and because the X-TENDER GT150 yacht tender has a flotation/ cushion collar, instead of inflated tubes, we were able to engineer a drop down bow section that folds forward to create a boarding platform that also houses a swim ladder that slides out and extends down into the water. The fold down bow platform is perfect for boarding the boat from a beach and is a must for dog owners.

The rigid, full beam, deep V bottom with a delta pad and chine flats, insures superior performance and ride to any rigid inflatable boat that has its tubes dragging through the water. Conventional inflated round tubes create a recoiling bouncy ride, more spray and more hydrodynamic drag, than a hard chine. Contrary to some beliefs that a high bow contributes to a dryer ride, a lower, squared off bow will knock the spray down under the boat, before it has a chance to splash up and be blown back into the boat and onto passengers. The added planning surface provided by the aft hull extensions and the full beam rigid bottom, enable the X-TENDER GT150 to efficiently carry more weight, get on plane quicker at lower speeds while creating a smaller wake than a comparable boat, that has a higher bottom loading per square foot.

The X-TENDER GT150 has also been designed and engineered to require fewer added on parts that are screwed or bolted to the main structure. Anyone that has experience with typical yacht tenders knows that the screws and bolts eventually loosen, rattle, and fail. The X-TENDER GT150 has molded-in seat bases, console bases and everything else possible, as part of the one piece main deck structure. The X-TENDER GT150 also uses cleats that are large enough to accommodate mooring lines found on their mother ship. There are even molded-in conduits for the control cables, battery cables, fuel lines and wiring. This reduces clutter, chaffing and facilitates easy repair or replacement, when necessary. Every fastener is oversized, of the proper material and rugged to insure long life and trouble free enjoyment.

Patent-Pending Airless Tube Design
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